Sunday, February 28, 2016

47 Halloween eBook Ideas

Halloween ebooks are fun to write and, if well written, they can sell wonderfully during the Halloween season. There are many different Halloweenie things you can write about to attract the Halloween crowd.


Halloween craft books are very popular. You can write about:

1. Knitting patterns
2. Crochet patterns
3. Papier mache masks
4. Papier mache decorations
5. Paper cut-out decorations
6. Sewing costumes
7. No-sew costumes
8. Glass etching
9. Painting patterns
10. Halloween inspired soaps
11. Quilt patterns
12. Applique patterns
13. Magnets


Some people go all out when decorating for Halloween and many other people want to know how they can do it.

14. How to make a haunted house
15. How to turn your yard into a graveyard
16. Pumpkin carving
17. Making scarecrows
18. Halloween window scenes
19. Candle-scapes


Halloween recipe books are popular among moms.

20. Cakes
21. Cookies
22. Creepy dinner recipes
23. Candie recipes
23. Cupcakes
24. Haunted gingerbread houses


There is nothing boring about the history of Halloween.

25. The origins of Halloween
26. How Halloween is celebrated worldwide or in just a certain country
27. The magical broom (cauldron, scarecrow, etc.)
28. Cats and Halloween (bats, owls, toads, etc.)

Witchy Books

Halloween, called Samhain by Wiccans and Pagans, is a favorite holiday for the followers of many diverse religions.

29. Halloween spells
30. Halloween charms
31. Halloween chants
32. Candle spells
33. Pagan/Heathen Samhain celebrations

Scary Stories

Who doesn't want to get scared out of their wits on Halloween?

34. Ghost stories
35. Monster stories
36.  Zombie stories

Halloween Businesses

For those who are looking to start a side business, you can write about how to start up a Halloween business.

37. How to start up a ghost walk tour
38. Haunted house business
39. Costume rental business
40. Custom costumes
41. Handmade spooky signs
42. Making and selling Halloween props
43. Pet costumes
44. Custom trick or treat bags


45. Illustrated children's books
46. Halloween games
47. Ghost stories for children or teens

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