Monday, February 8, 2016

Adding Links Inside of Kindle Books

More and more bloggers are writing Kindle ebooks and pasting links to their blogs on nearly every page of their Kindle books. Is this a wise choice to increase blog hits or is it just an annoyance to readers?

Why Are You Writing a Book?

Some people feel the compulsion to write all the time. It is in their blood. If they don’t write, they feel like they are dying inside or just going mad. Other people write in the hopes of becoming rich or famous. Then there is this new group of Kindle book writers that write short books in the hopes of increasing hits to their blogs and to collect email addresses to market their affiliate programs.

Don’t Send Me to Your Blog for More Information

I understand the desire to share a blog with your readers, but there is a time and place for that, such as in your introduction and on the back page of your book. Kindle books that are written with instructions to “learn more here” or “read about this here” are annoying readers. For example, I just finished skimming a Kindle book that literally had links to the writer’s blog on each page of the book, telling readers that they can get more information on this page or that within their blog. Listen, if the information is important, write it in the book. Do not throw me a link to your sales funnel page and expect to get my email address. It’s not going to happen. And I am not the only crank that feels this way. Looking at the reviews of this particular ebook, other readers were upset by all the links. It’s not just me.

Best Places to Add Your Links in Kindle Books

There are some good places to put your blog links in your Kindle book. The first is on your title page under your name. The second place where you can introduce your blog is in your introduction. You can write a short paragraph about how your blog inspired the book or whatever the case is. Finally, you can add a link to your blog at the end of your Kindle book. Writers will often place links to their other books at the end of each book. Include a link to your blog, as well.

Too many links to your blog within the contents of your book is annoying. It also looks like one big sales pitch, and that is not what the readers of Kindle books want. We don’t want to be sent to multiple pages online to read information that should be included in the book we bought.

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