Monday, February 1, 2016

Aromatherapy for Writers

Scents can trigger different memories, emotions, and feelings. They can take hold of our mood and calm us or they raise our energy levels.

There is nothing hokey to “believe in” when it comes to scents. For many people, the smell of cinnamon is comforting because it reminds them of home baking. The scent of lemon makes people think of cleanliness. Smelling a rose can trigger romantic feelings. Jasmine is erotic.

Writers can also use aromatherapy to trigger the moods they want and to help trigger their creativity.


Used at the start of projects to ensure originality. Traditionally a cleansing scent, it is also used to promote courage and inner strength.


Helps the write focus on her writing, and tap into innermost thoughts and feelings.


A comfort scent used to stimulate the brain and break through writer’s block.


A citrus scent that energizes the mind and creative flow.


Stimulates the mind and energizes.


A sanitary scent that helps writers let go of real life tensions so that they can focus on their writing.


Traditionally used for consecration, it can help the writer focus on his work.


I buy ginger root from the store and add slivers of it to my tea for an energy boost. I also find the scent to be mentally stimulating. Traditionally, it is used for self awareness and mental work.


Another citrus scent that helps clear the mind and energize it at the same time.


Burn jasmine incense when working on an exotic or erotic book. It really helps the writer in setting the mood. The scent is also used to incase inner strength.


Lavender is a soothing scent and can be used by writers to help ease tension and stress so that they can focus on their work.


Another energizing scent that promotes mental clarity. I find that lemon scented herbs have the same effect on me which is why I am always inhaling freshly picked lemon balm.


Helps energize the mind and helps the writer gain focus.


Steeped in religious history, I find that burning myrrh helps set a mood that is best when writing certain types of fiction.


Since I was a teenager, I have been addicted to citrus scents. I buy perfumes with a strong orange scent, such as Blood Orange by Pacifica. I also eat oranges and tangerines like a madwoman, and save the peels for orange scented potpourris.

Orange is an energizing scent. It helps clear and rejuvenate the mind. Orange scent inspires creativity.


A well known aphrodisiac scent that can be used to set the mood to a romance or erotic novel.


Used for inner strength and mental clarity. I mix my dried orange peels with dried rosemary to make a mind blowing potpourri. In winter, I will also simmer rosemary in a large pot of water to put moisture back into the house and scent the place.

Tea Tree

Helps writers break free from writer’s block. This is a cleansing scent that is said to stimulate the mind.

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