Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Break Free from the Content Mills and Write for Kindle

Most online writers have tried working for content mills with the hopes of bringing in a extra few hundred dollars or even an extra thousand dollars a month. The sad truth is that many only bring in pennies each month in the beginning. After a few months, they may find that they are bringing in a few dollars a month. To add insult to injury, most content mills won't pay you until you hit a magic number, sometimes $50 and sometimes $100. If you keep writing and adding up all your pennies and dollars, you will be lucky if you hit the magic payout number within a year.

If you are a good writer, can choose topics that are popular, and can get your articles ranked high in Google, you will earn a lot more on content mills. On the other hand, if you are that good at your craft, you will probably make a whole lot more money writing books for Amazon.com's Kindle platform.

Making the Transition

Writing for content mills is an addiction. You sweat your words out, get the satisfaction of seeing your work instantly online, and then you count the extra pennies (if any) your hard work has earned you. It is a lot of work with little return, but you keep on hoping that maybe, just maybe, you will find the right voice, the right topic to make the gig all worth while.

With all this work, where are you going to find time to write an actual ebook for Kindle?

Let's look at how many words are in a typical content mill article. HubPages loves articles that are around 1,000 words. Other content mills are in the 450 to 1,000 words per article, as well. How many of these do you write in a day?

Kindle ebooks are roughly 6,000 words and up. If you write only one 1,000 word article a day, give yourself a week off and write a 6,000 word ebook. On the seventh day, do your editing. Upload your ebook along with the cover. When your book is accepted and placed for sale on Amazon.com, set it for the free book promotion for 5 days. Go back to work on your content mills for another week and then take another week off to write another book.

After you have a few books listed on Amazon.com and IF people enjoy your writing, you will see how much more money you can make by writing ebooks.

The Bad Part

You need to be a good writer to earn money from your ebooks. If your books are riddled with typos and grammatical errors, people will leave negative book reviews. They will also return your ebooks to get their money back.

You will need to choose to write about topics other people are interested in. You can write a brilliant book about collecting modern stamps, but don't expect to make a large sum of money on it because only a small, limited number of people are interested in stamp collecting.

Finally, you will probably also need to spend a bit of cash to have a book cover made for you. I suggest using Fiverr.com to find a Kindle cover artist. It is a $5 investment. Since so many people do judge a book by its cover, don't skimp on this step. I have been slowly purchasing new book covers for my ebooks and replacing the covers I originally made. The sales on some of my books has already doubled.

Give It a Shot

Content mills are on the fritz. Google penalizes them. They also take a good chunk of your earnings. It is time to ditch the websites that leech off the talent of good writers.

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