Sunday, February 7, 2016

Write an eBook About Your Amazingly Wonderful Pet

Have you ever read those stories about an amazing pet that saved an owner's life or the life of a child? How about a pet that changed a person's life so entirely that the reader is left in tears and awe? The simple fact is that we love our fur babies and we feel comforted when our love is confirmed by the tales of other pet owners.

Share Your Story

Many of the people I talk to have had an amazing experience with a pet or knows someone who has. People often tell me that they are going to write a book about their pet. "Great idea. Go for it," I say, but they never do.

My latest correspondence was with a pet lover who had an amazing relationship with her dog. Even after the death of her dog, she continued to see him. She is an amateur pet psychic and she wanted to know if I thought she should write a book on her experience and sell it on Kindle. "Great idea. Go for it," I said. I hope to goodness she does.

Writing Your Story

Before you even begin to write your story, read up on other people's tales of their pets. Get a feel for the voice used by published authors. Study how they tell their tale.

After you have done a dive into reading, you are ready to outline your own story. Decide where your story begins. Plan out the middle parts. Bring your story to a closing with the lessons you've learned and what you have gained from your pet.

The outline you create is the map to writing a good, coherent ebook. Many beginning writers think they can skip the outline and dive straight into the writing. Without that outline, you probably will never finish your story. Create your map and then begin writing your story.

Publish on Kindle

Kindle is an excellent platform for publishing all kinds of ebooks, including animal stories. Writers reach millions of potential readers every day and, while you probably won't become a millionaire by publishing one book about an awesome pet, you might make a bit of money as long as your story is interesting and well written.

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